About the Fund

The Friends of Tupper Fund was established by five former students of Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver, BC Canada in cooperation with the school, the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Foundation, Canada's largest philanthropic organization, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of teaching excellence at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School (1959 - 2009).

Much credit should be given to one of the original Founders, John Ellis, for the countless hours invested in the beginning years to acquire enough funds to kickstart the first scholarship. John Ellis has since retired and current Directors of the Friends of Tupper Fund include Kevin Chiang, Chester Ha, and Tony Paisana.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarships to eligible Tupper students on a permanent and sustainable basis, using only the interest generated from the Fund's capital base.  These awards will go to Tupper students who, without this financial assistance, would not be able to continue with their education or training after graduation.

The Friends of Tupper Fund is administered by the Vancouver Foundation, which annually disperse funds for eligible Tupper graduates, based on advice it receives from the Fund's Board of Directors. The first scholarship award was made in June 2014 at the school's Graduation Ceremony at the Chan Centre at UBC.

The first $100,000 fund-raising phase of the Friends of Tupper Fund has been completed.  It was initiated through the generous donations of more than 50 former Tupper students who gave $1,000 each to kick-start the fund-raising.  These 'Founders' are to be recognized on a permanent plaque in the school foyer and in this website once the Founder cap is reached. The 'Founder' number will be capped at 100 donors.

The second $100,000 fund-raising phase of the Fund is now underway.