How To Help

You can help in a number of ways:


  • You can donate to the fund on the website of the Vancouver Foundation (;
  • If you are a former teacher or staff member, you can organize a group of teachers or staff (or both) to contact your colleagues to solicit and raise funds; or
  • If you are a Tupper student, you can work with others from your class to solicit and raise funds to celebrate your class' anniversaries and other important milestones.


This work involves contacting individuals, businesses, charitable organizations and grant-giving foundations to solicit their support in building the four $100,000 capital base fund-raising stages (total $400,000) of the Friends of Tupper Fund.


Only the interest generated from the capital base will be used to fund the scholarships awarded by the Fund.


Student, teacher and administration volunteers will be asked to contact their former colleagues and classmates about the role of the Fund in assisting graduating Tupper students but no one will have to handle any monies----all donations to the Fund can be made on-line at the Vancouver Foundation website ( or by sending a cheque or money payable to 'Vancouver Foundation/Friends of Tupper' to the Vancouver Foundation's head office. Address is: Suite 200 - 475 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 4M9.


In working with businesses, organizations and grant-giving foundations, we need volunteers to work within a peer team environment to identify potential donors to the Fund and then develop strategies to approach each them, explaining the the work of our Fund and soliciting donations to it.  This may involve face-to-face meetings, regular mail exchange, phone calls or e-mail contact with individuals and officials of donor organizations, depending on the strategy developed to seek their financial support for the Fund.


If you are able to help us, please contact us at '' with your best contact phone number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can about the work you want to do----whether it's setting up a process or joining one of the existing teams working to build the capital base of the Friends of Tupper Fund to achieve our goal of raising $400,000.


Thank you for getting involved!